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The Algonquin were North American tribes from around the 1400s. The Algonquin tribes stretch across most of northeastern America. They were mostly influenced by France and assisted the French in wars against Great Britain. The Algonquin had various tool and weapons to accommodate to their everyday needs. The Algonquin heavily changed the way that European settlers came to the Americas. The Algoquin people helped change and form the way the Atlantic world was and became.
Algonquin indians asissting France in wars agianst Great Britian
Algonquin indians asissting France in wars agianst Great Britian


The Algonquin people had certain tolls to help their everyday needs. The Algonquin made tools called wampum to contact other tribes about status and other things such as pending attacks. Some of Algonquins other tools were baskets they used them to carry collected food they scavenged for in the woods. They also made weapons such as spears, knives, and bows and arrows to hunt game or to use in war against other tribes. The Algonquin huts called wigwams were mud huts that radiated a lot of heat. They also provided shelter from rain and bad weather. The hunter made tents around their hunting ground to get a early shot on game. Technology kept the Algonquin people alive for centuries and successfully helped with their everyday needs.


The Algonquin people were very religious. They worshipped the land they lived on because they thought it brought them life. They also made dream catchers to ward off bad spirits during the night. All children were taught their religion at age seven. They also believed that certain people in their tribe could talk to their gods. Even though their religion is not used by many people today the Algonquin religion had impacts on our environment today.

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The Algonquin territory was vast it stretched across most of North Eastern America. The countries controlled by Algonquin people included: Wyoming, Colorado, southwestern Nebraska, northwestern Kansas, New England, New Jersey, southeastern New York,New Brunswick, much of Canada east of the Rocky Mountains, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan,Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. These areas made the Algonquin people come in contact with Europeans during the Age of Exploration.

Algonquin controled territory
Algonquin controled territory
The Algonquin daily life varied for different people through out the village. The farmers of a Algonquin village had to learn how to grow corn, squash, beans, and wild rice. This food helped the Algonquin village survive harsh winters and years without animals to hunt. Algonquin scavengers had the same importance as the farmers did to villages. Algonquin scavengers searched for plants like strawberries, raspberries and nuts. Their findings turn into frequent foresting spots as scavenger repeatedly used the same spot. Algonquin hunters tracked game for multiple days before they could get kill shots to finish their quarry. Cause of this hunters took tents to set up on their trail and traveled in groups. This daily life helped Europeans live when they came to the Americas.
The Algonquin social structure was a common structure during the Age of Exploration. Like most tribes women did not have high rights. The leader of all of the tribe was the shaman he would usually get his rights from his father. All tribes were independent which means they had different rules, polices, and governments for different tribes. The Algonquin social structure was patriarchal; men were the leaders and the heads of the family and territorial hunting rights were passed from father to son. The Shaman had a high right in the social structure of Algonquin tribes. The Ogima were the leaders of the tribe the usually were the last Ogima’s son nephew, brother, or brother in law. The Algonquin social structure and government affected the Atlantic world.
Algonquin Ogima
Algonquin Ogima
CONCLUSION The Algonquin had major affects on the Atlantic world of 1400-1650. Whether it was in wars or basic ways in survival the Algonquin people had a major impacts in the European settlers especially French by showing the way of survival in the New World. Even though the Algonquin are not remembered as important people they helped shaped the way of the Earth and the Atlantic world.
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