Caitlin Chambers 7104
Area inhabited/ruled [if members of your group emigrated, immigrated, or established settlement (colonies) outside of their home country you should include an explanation of that travel or settlement in this section; include places traveled and reasons for leaving home country]
1. Everyday Life

The Algonquin Indians lived in New England. This is in the North East part of the United States of America. The Algonquin lived in villages of a few hundred people. In these villages they lived in wigwams, but they only lived in wigwams in the summer time. In the winter they lived in long house. They had different houses in the summer and the winter because the wigwams were not warm and the long houses were too warm for the summer time. Where they lived the climate change depending on with season it was. In the spring and fall it was really nice outside, but in the winter it gets very cold and it snows. In the summer it can get really hot.
27264_1[1].jpg figure1longhousemed[1].gif
This is a picture of a Wigwam This is a picture of a Long house

2. Social and Political Organization
When we think of government, we think of a president. Well they did not have a president but they had something like one. They had a chief. The chief was in charge of leading the tribe into battle. Some Chiefs names were __Louizon Commanda, Peter Tenasco, Simon Odjick ,Peter Tenasco ,Antoine Pakinawatik and Patrick Brascoupe.

This is a picture of Chief Patrick Brascoup

3. Religion/Developed Culture

The Algonquin people were very advanced. They had their own language that they spoke it was called Ojibwe. They also could build their own houses. The Algonquin’s were never hungry because they were really good at haunting and fishing. For food they ate fish, corn, squash and beans. As you can tell they were very smart and were very advanced.

4. Arts/Technology

For fun the Algonquin’s sang and danced. They did a lot of song and dance. They also told stories and made baskets. They had amazing baskets that they made by weaving string and thick grass together.