Garrett Dunn
The Aztecs
The Aztecs were very clever people. They lived in Central America. They had great Art and great Technology. The Aztecs had a very complicated every day life. The kind of religion and gods that the Aztecs believed in. The Aztecs are not like every day Americans, they are more complex people, and I will tell you why.

The Aztecs everyday life was complex. For jobs, The Aztecs had warriors, tradespeople, peasants, builders, teachers of many things, slaves, and doctors. In the trading business the Aztecs were big because they traded valuable things like trade gold, jewelry, feather caps, tortiese shell cups, spices, and cocoa beans. The Aztecs were great farmers, and the technique that Aztec farmers used was very clever and was useful. The Aztecs would place giant reed mats on top of water then place mud, silt and rotten vegetables on it, they would farm on that.
Art and technology was very important to the Aztecs. For art, the Aztecs made beautiful things they made sculptures, pictographs, poems, and buildings, song, plays or also known as quote “dramatic presentation”. The Aztecs used two calendars, one measured time, while the other was used to fix religious festivals. The time-measuring calendar was used to fix the best time for planting crops, while the religious calendar told when to consult the gods. In the time-measuring calendar, one year had 365 days divided into 18 months. Each month had 20 days, and there were 5 extra days at the end of the year, which were thought to be bad-luck days when disasters were most likely to happen. The Aztec doctors were very talented. They used many herbal remedies both to cure and prevent illness. They knew cures for all sorts of things. For fevers they suggested to take regular steam baths, and they thought that the heat would clean and relax them and also sweat out the evil spirits that were poisoning them.
Religion was a main part of an Aztecs life. Some of the gods they prayed to were Tezcatlipoca: god of magic, war, and death. Xipe Totec: god of spring, new life, and the god of suffering. Xochipilli: Prince of flowers, god of dawn, dance and love. Huehuetecti: god of fire. Tloque Nahuaque: Lord of everywhere. Quetzalcoatl: god of knowledge, creation, priesthood, and wind. Chantico: goddess of the hearth. Mictlantecuhtl: god of the dead. Tezcatlipoca: god of fate and creation. Huitzilopochtli: god of war, sun, and the nation. The Aztecs had pyramids as a place of ritual or religion. Human sacrifice was a major thing in Mesoamerica. It was part of the Omlec religion. They would sacrifice them to their Aztec gods. They would perform the ritual on top of the great pyramid Tenochtitlan. They would sacrifice the heart at the foot of the altar and the priest wears black body paint and there are two worshipers who are carrying two incease pouches and have their tongues and ears pierced with large bone awls which are like earings. And they take out the heart and sacrifice it to the gods.