Rachel Anderson

1. Area inhabited/ruled [if members of your group emigrated, immigrated, or established settlement (colonies) outside of their home country you should include an explanation of that travel or settlement in this section; include places traveled and reasons for leaving home country]

The Aztec empire was a very strong place from war to the arts. These people had many different believes and thoughts meaning they were very different from the other empires in the Central Mexico regions. They had many religious and beautiful temples and buildings that we see today, but don’t understand fully. This is the Aztecs Empire.

The Aztec people ruled the Central Mexico area during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. They also inhabited large parts of Mesoamerica. They built many important monuments that are now found at St. Cecilia which is an area in Mexico State. They also had lakes such as Lake Texcoco. They also inhabited a very important part of their countries such as Tenochititlan which is now known as Mexico City. The Aztecs ruled many parts of the Central Mexico area not because of getting there first, but from winning a being strong.

2. Everyday Life

The Aztecs had a very precise way of having an everyday life. The rulers or gods would have people preform human sacrifices to help the life of their religion and for the future. Mythology was also something that was performed and believed in a lot by this culture. They would live there life everyday by believing in this. Mythology means gods or supernatural heroes, legends, folktales and myths. A popular job or lifestyle with this culture is to farm. Some things that they would farm are maize, beans, squash, tomatoes and chili’s. Along with farming, they would raise animals or sell them. The language is a very big part of anyone’s everyday life these people spoke The Nahuatl language.

3. Social and Political Organization

The Aztecs government was a very large part of their life and was very organized. It is an empire with many different and complex social and political organizations and classes. Since, the areas that the Aztecs ruled were so vast they had to split the land into things called city-states. City-states are smaller areas or parts of a bigger society of empire that is ruled by locally ruled areas. In this case, these city-states were ruled by many different people but still followed the rules of the bigger part of what is The Aztec culture. They would still believe in the same things and be the same people. This type of government started for this culture in 1422 by conquest. The specific classes were separated into 5 groups. First the ruler or emperor, then the warriors, then the artisans, the traders and finally the slaves who were most likely warriors from lost battles that were imprisoned.

4. Religion

The Aztec culture believed in Mythology and human sacrifice but they always believed in something else that would change everything. They greatly believed in the gods to lead and guide them. They mainly believed in the Sun God to help them be guided and help their culture grow. Everything centered on this one topic inside of their religion. The official religion is called Tenochititlan which was a set of beliefs by which many Mesoamerican empires also practices. The religion was believed to be started in the city-states, Tenochititlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan. They also believed in human sacrifice and giving their own people to the gods and the earth. They believed that this would help better the community and the world to make it balanced again.

5. Arts/Technology/Developed Culture

When many people think about the Aztec empire they would think of the amazing arts. The arts would vary from Calendars or Mixtecs to the sculptures. They had many calendars which were also known as Mixtecs. Every 260 days of the year there would be a new symbol which could be different animals. There were classically 4 directions on each calendar or Mixtecs. They also had chinampas which helped the Aztecs farm. For some people, the chinampas helped them make a lifestyle, farm, make crops and other foods. They also made a lot of pottery such as vases and religious crafts. They were also known for sculptures that they would make of animals, calendars and people. They would make these sculptures out of jade, obsidian, quartz.

6. Conclusion
The Aztecs were an empire of strong people who have made history better. They won many wars and conquered many people to make their living environment bigger and better. The Aztec people were a civilization of many people in many social and political groups that made the Central Mexican region a more interesting place to live. From everyday life to the arts, this strong empire was definitely amazing.