Edgar Moskalev

British Exploration and Expansion, Government, Social Structure and Everyday Life.

British government, social structure, everyday life and British exploration and expansion are all important because they are all aspects of Britain. Britain is located near present day Ireland and Belgium. British government and social structure are the foundation of Britain. This is what kept everybody under control and happy. British everyday life is like a tour of how a person lived back in 1400-1650. British exploration and expansion is how England got famous. British explorers explored a bunch of lands and claimed them for England.

British parliament was important because it brought stability to Britain. British parliament had 2 houses that decided what to do with the nation’s problems and issues; those houses were the House of Commons and the House of Lords. That stability prevented many possible riots or conflicts. Parliament was preferred because it was like a democracy that let the people decide. Parliament had more power over monarchy. Although the House of Lords today can only delay money bills for 1 year, before they could veto money bills. The stability allowed Britain to be organized and have a strong government.
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British Exploration was important because they found new land to colonize and harvest resources from. The British wanted to get exotic spices and valuable treasures so they provided a famous British explorer with a ship. Then he sailed to New Foundland which he thought was China and that was important because he claimed more land for the British. The explorers name was John Cabot and he believed if he traveled west he would reach China because that’s where the spices were. When John Cabot set sail west, he eventually reached present day New Foundland. They thought that they reached China but actually found New Foundland. The land that they found and explored was important because that land contains a bunch of people. Without this discovery no one would be there and the British would have wasted their time and money. They were disappointed that there were no treasures or spices but they did claim land for England.
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British everyday life in 1485-1650 was a struggle because many people were poor and had to work really hard. Life was really hard in England in Tuder times the average life expectancy was 35. There were a lot of poor people and an average of 90% of the population in Tuder Britain was poor. The poor people were manly farmers. They would have to get their water from wells. Also food was hard for them to get. Farmers had to raise livestock and harvest their fruits, vegetables, wheat and barley. Many poor people could not get meat because it was a luxury. The rich people were mainly royalty. The rich people wanted to show off their wealth so their clothes were really fancy and expensive they ate badgers and otters which are very expensive meats. Also, they went hunting which was a symbol that you were wealthy. These examples show how hard it was for an average person to live in Tuder England.
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Will Vogel
History 7-B3

British Exploration and Expansion, Political Structure, and Arts/ Technology.

The British Kingdom is the topic I researched for my geographic source book. Three specific topics that I researched about the British are the area inhabited, social development and developed culture, and arts and technology. These topics are important because they are all great representations of Britain. Britain is located near modern day Ireland and Belgium. The exploration and expansion are how Britain became so well known. British explorers traveled all over the world and claimed many different lands for Britain.


The British was important because they were one of the largest kingdoms in the world. They were also one of the most significant in the Atlantic World.
The British inhabited land just about everywhere in the world. They had people living in North, South, and Central America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.They would send people from all over the kingdom to travel the world and search for new lands to claim. They would travel using ships all around the world.

The British had one of the best structured governments in the world at the time. They had a constitutional monarchy system. They have a king, a queen, a royal cabinet, a parliament, and a royal family. The king of Britain from 1491-1547 was King Henry VII. The queen was Queen Elisabeth.The government was the foundation of the British Kingdom.

Technology in Britain in the 15th century was very up to date. They invented archery and spent most of their free time arching. They also spent time playing board games such as chess and backgammon, and soccer.