The British
Peyton Baur and Annie Cohen
The British were important because of their daily life, social and political structure, and the area they inhabited. Also, some significant things were their religion and their arts, and culture. All of these factors were very important to how the British were related to the Atlantic World. -PB

The area inhabited by the British is important because it shows how much land the British had. They ruled over the 13 colonies, which is where Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia, and New Hampshire are today. Some of their earliest settlements were the Plymouth Colony, New Haven, and the Saybrook Colony. Land that was not in the 13 colonies that they inhabited were British West Indies, West and East Florida, Canada, and Hawaii. Most people left Britain because they wanted to be able to practice their religion freely. This is significant because it shows that the British were very powerful and could rule many places. -PB
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The daily life of the British in the 1700s was very interesting. Lots of British people in America lived in rural areas. They have to care for livestock everyday and they use their horses for transportation. They normally ate lots of turkey. Some jobs were farm laborer, farmer, fishermen, traders, and bakers. The men did things like planting fences and tending to the crops, while women prepared meals, milked cows, sewing, and cleaning. This is important because it shows how the life of people in the 1700s is so different from life today. -PB
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The political structure in the British colonies in America had three important parts to it, the legislature, the council, and the assembly. The legislature enforced laws and handled affairs with the Native Americans. The council served the governor, but if a governor was still being chosen the council worked as a government. The council was a group of normal people who had retired from an important position and they had to be approved by the British government. The council had to approve of the laws made by the assembly. The assembly was elected by propertied citizens of towns and they met about once a year, but the governor or council could call a special meeting with the assembly. Taxes and budgets for the government were decided here along with the equipping of the militia. Ultimately, the British colonies were ruled by the British, not the citizens of the colonies. -PB
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The British Christianity was very important to everyday life because they had someone to look up to and help them in times of need. When a citizen was born, the child would be baptized. On Mondays, young groups of children would attend a ceremony called mass, a Latin language, which the children would learn. People would also attend a service to pray at church. A church was the most commonplace to pray. They would pray to god and Jesus, and sing songs and hymns. The British wouldn’t just only pray to God and Jesus, but for themselves and the ill. One of the most common symbols in a church is a cross. The cross is the symbol of Jesus. There were some people, who choose to become monks, nuns, and priests that helped and leaded citizens into praying to god and other important people in their religion. Nuns were a group of woman and monks were a group of men. Both the monks and nuns spent all of their time praying to God and Jesus. The priests lived a normal life, but their man job was to guide and teach people about praying and the background of Christianity. British Christianity played an important role in British every day life. -AC
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British arts were influenced by government, nature, and religion. The government would express rules through the arts. For example an artist might paint a portrait of the royal family, to let their people know that they should worship their king. A director of a play might make up a scene about a citizen that broke the rules and had to suffer a severe punishment. Both of these examples help the government to control and remind these people about the rules and laws of the government. Art would also be expressed in religious form. Artists would make a statue of the cross, paint portraits of God and Jesus. Nature and natural grounds were also greatly influenced by art. Some of these artifacts include: portraits of mountains and rivers, landmarks that mark the history of an important war. The factors of government, religion, and nature, all influenced the making of British music and art. -AC
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Today, The British, which is now known as England, have become a very successful community. They still keep the same religious beliefs, however their government has grown massively. As the new princess of England are Kate and her Husband William. The British land has expanded into a country off of Europe. The British was very successful and has grown massively from the results today. -AC