external image flag_pins_america_britain1.jpgEarly British colonies can really show how over time Britain has evolved. In this essay you will learn about 3 important ideas in early British colonies. They are government, area and social structure. Each of these ideas are very important because, government was the key thing. It was like glue holding Britain together. Without government everything would be a mess. Area is also very important to Britain because this is where they lived, where they grew as a country. If they didn’t have area they wouldn’t exist. Finally social structure, social structure was important because it showed who was important and who was not. Without social structure no one would be the most important so there would be no leaders. Keep reading to learn more!
external image life-is-good.jpgThe British chose to leave Britain and come to America for many reasons. When the British made the long travel to America the settled on the east coast in present day states Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia. They came to America to colonize because they wanted religious freedom, political freedom and simply just to have a better live. America gave them a much better life because they were under the control of the British rulers anymore. They could have almost all the freedom except for slaves they were still used sometimes. Most people could have freedom. In conclusion America was a much better place to live than Britain.

external image 13map.gifThe first places the British settled at in America were the 13 colonies. The 13 colonies were Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia. These 13 colonies were so important to the British because this is where they settled and where they live for many many years. While living in these places many things evolved. The first of the 13 colonies was in Virginia, it was called Jamestown. Jamestown was a very dangerous place there were many fights with the Indians. In Jamestown the citizens had a 50/50 chance of living for 5 years! That sure is one short life. The 13 colonies shaped Britain to what it is today.

3ffe062e9cceb1fe409742f39db871c7_1M.png.jpgBritain’s government in the Atlantic world was very different from what it is today. The government was made up of 4 important people/ groups. The 4 people/groups were the court, the treasury, the exchequer and the navy and army board. The court was where the monarch lived, the treasury controlled money and tax, the exchequer was almost the same thing a treasury but they controlled spending money and the army and navy boards generated clerical business. These were important because they controlled the colonies and kept everything running and in order. As you can see Britain’s government had evolved over time.

external image debt-300x244.jpgThe British social class was similar to the other ones in the 1400’s, but very different from life today. The social structure in Britain included upper class, middle class and lower class. The upper class consisted of royal families, nobles and rich. The middle class was a very big class. They were not to poor, they were actually pretty wealthy. Finally the lower class was the poor and the slaves; they usually didn’t have much and were ruled by others. The social structure was important because it shows who’s important and who’s not and who can do this and who can’t. Social classes don’t exist anymore but in 1400 it were very important.

INTRO In the beginning the British had religion, Culture, and art all to themselves but once they stepped off of the boats they shared that with the Indians. The kind of culture that the British celebrated was Weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and funerals. The art that the British had was writing, theater art, dances, and just plain drawings. The religion that the British practiced was Catholicism, and they would go to church every day, they had an England Meeting House, and they had many religious holidays which called for days off of work. The everyday life style was very hard back then because there was no electricity, and no air conditioning and trust me it got hot back then in the east coast. The British life was a very hard but in the end everything paid off.

Culture external image 20071121-first-thanksgiving.png

Some of the ceremonies that the British celebrated as their culture was, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Christmas and other holidays, but every so often they would have some family get together parties. The Indians were the ones that started the feast of Thanksgiving. Everyone came around and had a feast and gave thanks. Weddings were very different then then they are today. Usually we have so much practice and we are ready to go but in the British time the weddings were short and sweet. You would go to the ceremony then after you would dance and eat. Christmas was a lot like thanksgiving so they would gather and come together with their family and they would. The culture that hte british had in the 1400 is still around today.

Art external image arts-graphics-2007_1181745a.jpg
The British had many ways of expressing their art, such as, they would put on plays for each other (mostly they would be about religious things that has happened). They would write poetry and books, and last they would have lots of cool dances that were shown on holidays. One of the ways that the British expressed their ways of art was by writing poems and stories about their life or something religious. Another, way that the British expressed their art was through plays. The plays would be about religious things that happened in the past. The last way that they showed art was simply by paper and paint which is still around today. Their culture stuck all throughout all of the years and they are still around today.

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The religion that the British believed in was a big part of their life, most of the things that they did revolved around their religion. They would have a church mass every day in the England Meeting House, which was also home to many other celebrations. The religion that they practiced was strictly Catholicism and everyone who lived in the British village was a catholic. The church was the biggest building in the village. Inside there were big and beautiful pictures of the scenes that have happened in the past and involved the Lord. lots of holidays that the British had would cause for days off of work, and ceremonies. The British religion was a really important thing in their life and lots a decisions revolved around their religion.

Everyday life
The everyday life of some of the men and woman was very complicated and each day was very long. A man would wake up in the morning and that would either go to work or they would go out hunting or fishing for dinner for the woman to eat. The woman would wake up, would cook their first meal for the husband and children then get ready for the next meal, then go back to sewing, then go cook the next meal after that. A boy child would wake up and go to school. A girl child would wake up and help her mom do whatever needed to be done around the house. As you probably see the life of a woman harder than the mans life.