France During the Atlantic World.

Jack Sant and Andrew Krause

The French Empire during the Atlantic World had many important qualities in their government, religion, daily life, technology and culture the area inhabited. All of this contributed to the founding and development of America and the New World. This was important because with out the French, America would not be where it is today. (AK) (JS)

The French were very religious during the Atlantic World time period. In 1598, the Huguenot(French Protestant) leader named Henry IV became King of France. He issued the Edict of Nantes which demanded the tolerance of Huguenots. It gave some religious freedom to the Huguenots but not complete freedom. The Edict of Nantes ended open warfare the situation between Catholics and Protestants remained tense in France for decades after. In 1685 King Louis XIV revoked the edict which caused thousands of Huguenots to seek asylum in other countries. After Henry IV installed the Edict of Nantes he converted to Catholicism to appease the Catholics. (AK)
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When the French heard about the “New World” ,they started to explore to the “New World”. When they first arrived on the east coast of present Canada, the french started to expand their territory. Right when they arrived they started to build forts in the territory that they had expanded from the Hudson bay, to the gulf of Mexico, and across the east coast border. The area was also known as “New France” to some people. The exploring for America for the french started when France first heard about it in the later 1500’s when they had a pretty stable empire in size. The empire at this point in time was a little bit bigger then modern day France in Europe. Later on, France had some problems with keeping their territory whether they sold it or got it taken over. (JS)

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The French government was centered around religion during the Atlantic World time period. Around 1560 the French Wars of Religion occurred during which the Calvinists( The followers of John Calvin who was a French theologian )fought the Catholics. Because of the wars the monarchy was weak and the nation’s growing prosperity was undermined. Henry IV who was the Huguenot (French Protestant) leader took over the throne in 1598. He issued the Edict of Nantes which granted some religious freedom to the Huguenot, but not complete freedom. The power of aristocracy was brought under control by Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin and then by monarch Louis XIV. After Louis XIV’ s death France continued to flourish but Louis XV and XVI did not completely use their and the aristocracy gained strength. (AK)
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In New France and other regions of the French empire, people were encouraged to marry young. A man that married when he was younger than 20 got 20 pounds. A woman that married before she was 16 would get 20 pounds also. People with large families would get paid every year a lot of pounds. Most men at the beginning of New France were farmers. To get food for a family a father would have to farm and hunt. Young boys would start to do a mans job like cutting wood when they were 11-12 years old. Most women would stay at home and complete all of the houses needs, and little girls would help there mothers at the beginning of New France. Most crops farmed were wheat and maize because there were a lot of those crops where they landed. Also in Europe at this time in France, a lot of the same crops were farmed and more. Every day life in France was pretty hard for people but they managed to developed over time. (JS)
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The French culture and technology had a very big influence on the French Empire. The reign of Francis I is considered the beginning of the Renaissance in France by many historians. Many French churches were built during the 1500s and 1600s. The greatest architectural changes in France were the castles. During the reign of Francis I several castles were built. The most famous castle was the Fontainebleau which was outside of Paris. Around 1528 Francis I began to renovate and expand the castle using Italian Renaissance ideas. His idea was to take the best parts of the Italian culture into France. An attack on Rome by the Holy Roman Empire helped his project because many Italian artists left Italy and went to France.The French classical style was developed by incorporating Italian design with classical decoration. In the late 1500s French art stopped for the most part because the French Wars of Religion took most of the money for art. (AK)
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At the end of the Atlantic world, France continued to make a difference in the world, and they kept their land with a strong army and good leaders. France has affected they Atlantic world a lot by exploring and contributing to the technology development in the world. The French were role models in the world, one because they were one of the world powers, and the most advanced empires during the Atlantic World. (JS)

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