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1. I am going to be talking about the French Empire during the time period of 1400-1650. The reason I chose the French empire is because I thought it would be cool to learn a little bit about them and the fickle of fate chose it for me. The French empire is located in the middle of a very large continent next to some neighbors. The French empire is a very large empire and they had to have ways to get there which involves the people who made it every day’s life and the person who told them how to do it. My three topics are everyday life, social and political, and area inhabited/ruled.

Everyday life

2. Everyday life for people who traded and everyday life in general. The French traded all of the beaver’s resources with the Indians. This was called the French fur trading empire. This was a daily thing for the French empire and it built a relationship with the Indians. As they got to know each otexternal image beaver-pelt.jpgher the French started to follow in their ways. Some of the things they used from the beaver helped them in their everyday life. The everyday life of the French empire is important because it’s what they do every day. The everyday of the French empire consisted of many jobs like trading and building.


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3. The government system in the French empire. In 1515 there was 1 government official for every 4700 people. In 1665 there was one official for every 380. The number of government officials increased. This gave French one of the largest governments in Europe. The people wanted more judges, better control over public disorder, first police force. Because they wanted a force police form, the first police force was formed. Officials needed to be paid for their work, economic activity had to be monitored and stimulated, to inspect and encourage commercial. Governments are always important because without a government there will not be a ruler and without a ruler there is no way to keep people from going crazy and doing bad things.

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Area Inhabited/ruled

4. Ways the French empire go to places. The French Empire has tried to get to many places. Some ways they tried to do this was by the horse. They’ve tried to get to these places to get communications across the kingdom. Different regions had different climates, different qualities of soil, and different systems of agriculture; there were different cultures in different places. The French empire built many things to improve travel, some things that they improved was the engineers in the French empire built canals, water ways, and better roads so that the people in France could travel more comfortably and quicker. The engineers cut travel time from 15 days to 5 days. The significance on how big an empire is that if the empire is big than it’s hard to trade. When there is a bigger empire than there is going to be many ways to travel.

Research questions and Bibliography

Research questions

1. What kinds of religions were there in the French empire?

2. Did they have any kinds of beliefs?

3. What kinds of trading jobs were there?

4. Did they have arts, technology, and a developed culture?


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