France’s Influence on the Atlantic World

The French’s influence on the Atlantic world was large, because of how long they tried to get to the Americas. They tried from the early 1600’s to the late 1700’s. They had a few failed attempts in the 1700’s. Back then, the primary source of long distance travel was through seafaring. The French took advantage of the vast ocean and explored the unknown.

The French Flag

The French left their home country so that they could find better lives living in the Americas. They mainly left their lives back in France for trading, exploration of the unknown, and for fishing opportunities. The French explorers departed down the African coast and West into the Atlantic Ocean. While out at sea, the ships competed for many valuable materials, like clean water. When they arrived at their destination, the French competed for wealth of the new territories.

The population of France during the Atlantic world was very large, considering that their country covered such a vast area, and that the social class held the structure of their country. The social class consisted of the king and queen, the officials, royal judges, judges, nobles, commoners, and the poor people. The richest group besides for the rulers were the officials. They dominated French politics and culture. Overall, France had about 100,000 people populating the country. Of those people, about 12% didn’t speak French. This was only the poor children whose parents did not speak French very well, and therefore could not teach their children how to. France was a very dominant country, seeming as though they have thousands more people than the competing countries.

The French explorer Jacques Cartier traveled to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in search for land for people in France to live on. In 1535 he sailed on a voyage to find land that France could colonize on. Jacques left France in search for the Americas, but instead he found himself face to face with a pleasant Indian tribe. They greeted him with a nice welcome, and they were eager to please the outlanders. The men and women of the tribe were so excited to see someone from another land that they were offering gifts to Jacques. Some of the women were even letting him hold their babies! Jacques made a big impact on that tribes life when he set foot on their land, and made them so happy.

Jacques arriving at an Indian tribe.

The Atlantic world for France was a very interesting time in history. The French explorers left the land they call home to find a better life in the Americas. They explored the unknown, and succeeded. Jacques Cartier made it all the way to the Americas with limited resources. The 100,000 people in France were praying for him to make it back alive; and he did. The Atlantic world changed the French’s perspective on how they lived their life during that time period.

Sydney Giacin
How the French Influenced the Atlantic World
The French is very important to the Atlantic world because they had a very big influence on the Atlantic world. Their many travels to many places, led to their culture spreading around the world which affects the world today. Also, the power that the French had in their social groups influenced their society and travel. Even though some of their attempts failed, they were and still are very important.

The French traveled to many places for many reasons which are why their travel influenced the Atlantic World. The French mainly traveled south. They traveled to the coast of Africa. Also, they also traveled west into the Atlantic Ocean. The reasons for the French traveling were for goods and for more land. The French actually have a big influence on the modern world today because of their traveling. The French’s traveling is what caused a lot of the African countries to speak French.

The French had many powerful social classes. The highest classes were the Kings and Queens who had the most power. Then there the officials who were the richest people in France besides the king and queen. Then there were also the royal judges, the judges, the nobles, the commoners, and “poor.” These groups were important because they controlled the France’s society.

France had many famous and important explorers. One very famous and important French Explorer was Jacques Cartier. Jacques Cartier traveled to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1535. He sailed near to what is now present day Quebec, Canada, but was unexplored land during his time. He almost made it to what is now the United States of America. He met many people that were very eager to please this outlander and greeted him warmly. Cartier spent some time in what is now Canada and was famous for exploring there.
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The everyday life of a French person is also very important to the Atlantic world. France was never “casual.” If a child were living in France in the 1600’s, their everyday clothing would be a gown or a nice shirt, and a vest and jacket. Goods like sugar and chocolate were in the New World which is one of the reasons why so many French people traveled. The French were very straight forward. If they had money, they would have better goods like sugar and chocolate. If they didn’t have a lot of money, they would not be able to afford things like sugar, so they would most likely move to the New World, which is what many French people did. This is what the everyday life of a French person was like.

In conclusion, the French had many different and important reasons of how and why they influenced the Atlantic World. Their everyday life and power made them want to explore the New Worlds and start new lives. Jacques Cartier was an example of someone who wanted to explore things. The French wanted to see what the New world was like and they achieved their goals.