The Incas were a race of South American Indians who ruled large amounts of land. They were also slaughtered by the Spaniards. They were also extremely successful with their government system and tools. They also had many wonderful art works and are still standing in parts of South America.
The Incas ruled over many different parts of South America. A ledged says that the first Incans came from the Cuzco valley. There is some evidence of that because there are Incan artifacts that have been found there. They then moved to other places in South America. They moved to Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. They were ruled by many different rulers over 10 people ruled it.
The Incan government was Strong and powerful. They had a leader and other people that helped them gain strength. The Incas were one of the most governmental groups of South American Indians. Then in the 1500s the Spanish came to South America and were spreading smallpox and other harmful illness they also killed them but the small pox killed more than the Spanish.
The Incas had tools made of copper they had machines that were man operated and they had art work. The Incas had tools made from copper not iron the copper was stronger. They also built earthed ramps for large buildings. They would make arrows and bows and spears for hunting along with knifes. They also used many stones as tools they used stones as hammers and clubs. They also had the buildings they made they were completely stone.