Jordanne Roy

1.Area inhabited: Over time the Incas conquered over 906,500 Km throughout the Andes highest peaks. The 906,500 km. extended from the pacific coast to the Amazon Basin. Over time The Incas ruled between 5 and 11 million people throughout there South American Kingdom. The Inca people conquered mainly across the coast conquering cities such as Manchu Piccho and there capitol city Cuzco
2.Everyday Life: Although the Incas lacked a written language they still intrigued people into joining there community because of peoples interest in their well-run empire. The common people had no freedom and were usually assigned to an ayllu or working group. The ayllu consisted of 10-20 people and each one was assigned a specific job. The Inca people were very smart all though most children were not educated they were given a job as soon as they were old enough to work and knew everything about that job. There was never a starving member of the Inca society because the emperor owned all the farm land and made sure that each person ate 2 or 3 meals a day. As early as 16 an Inca girl was married everyone had to be married by 20.
inca_clothing.png3. Religion: The Incas world revolved around there gods and goddesses of nature. Some of the most prayed to gods were Inti-sun, Viracocha-creater, Illapa-weather, Pachamama- earth, mamacocka- sea and mamaquilla- moon. They strongly believed in reincarnation and sacrifices. They often sacrificed llamas and guinea pigs. Along with reincarnation they worshipped the dead called hucas. The mummies of dead rulers were especially sacred. When a child was born there heads were wrapped in a practice called cranial deformation that altered the shape of their heads.

4.Social and Political Organizatins:There were no set political organizations the emperor ran the empire. Below the emperor was the Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui who established rules and laws. The social classes were the Sapa Inca or emperors, nobles or priests, craftsman and architects, working class and slaves. The Incas were known for their well-run government which made people flock to their community.
5.Arts, Technology and Development:The Incas participated in a lot of arts such as pottery weaving and mosaics. Their main weaving method is Pardcus and was used in making all their clothes. The towns were filled with different types of statues made from the stones that they mined for. Royals had cups made for them by the slaves called Keros made of pure gold. Although they lacked a written language they still had quipus which were a recording on ceramics in the spoken language Quechua. There only technology related object was there weapons. They mainly used bows and arrows. In different towns clubs and macanas were used.