Alec Spence
Iroquoian Paragraphs and Pictures
The Iroquois civilization flourished in many different attributes of their tribe. The paragraphs below will be written about the Iroquois’s location and expansion, how the Iroquois expanded their civilization, culture and life styles, and their religious beliefs. The paragraphs below will give you a better understanding on the specific attributes on the Iroquois
external image Iroquois+woman.jpg<------Iroquoian Clan Mother

The Iroquoian tribes were located in upstate New York and covered almost ½ of the current state’s size. Throughout the Iroquoian expansion, their civilization expanded to about nine states. Iroquoian expansions target was Northeastern U.S., then to. The Iroquois aimed at conquering Northeast U.Sb.
Once they accomplished their goal, they attacked for the bordering countries (Ohio for example). The Iroquois use both land and water to travel and complete their goal of expanding to multiple states.
external image 320px-Iroquois_5_Nation_Map_c1650.png<-----Five Iroquoian Nations/Clans
The Iroquois had a very organized culture and treated their citizens equally. The Iroquoian civilization was divided into five tribes: the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and the Mohawk. The tribes were evenly divided with one longhouse that is about 200’ long. Every group has a leader called a clan mother. A clan mother is similar so a wise-man or a chief of a Native American tribe. When a man and woman got married, the couple and the possible children to transfer to the women’s current tribe clan. : The organization of the culture represents that the three Iroquoian tribes work well together in the same area because they live in one longhouse. The tribe mother shows respect and fairness thorough the tribes. Also, the men and women are treated fairly because they move to the women’s tribe.

external image figure1longhouselg.gif<----Iroquoian Longhouse

The Iroquoian civilization was a polytheistic belief based tribe. Polytheistic beliefs are beliefs in one or more god. The most important Iroquoian god or spirit was the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit was praised for the creation of the human race, plants, animals, and nature. Thunderrer and the Three Sisters were responsible for the maize, bean, and squash crops. The Evil Spirit was the god of misfortune and chaos. The beliefs in gods were important because they had something to have faith in and despise when something went wrong.

external image horus.jpg

<------The Great Spirit