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The Pequot Indians

The Pequot Indians where an organized Indian tribe located around Connecticut and Long Island. The Pequot where involved in one main war, the Pequot War. They also had a very organized Government and a religion very similar to Christianity and Judaism.

The Pequots Indian every day life consisted of two parts, The Men and the Women. The men were hunters, workers, and builders, and were not at home during the day. They had to keep their family’s and their tribes in order. The woman stayed at home, cooked, and watched after the children. The woman where also the farmers. Clildren helped there mothers and played games. The Pequot lived in Wigwams which is in Fig. 1. external image u52jcWR1RhWSSW906Vk4Y_Sw7g4SjdKNCFJV4YCKWB8T9dnI0CFjC_Hs9EXQ5JyBKG40ly9RfdoHW6K9WXVJQcf5OaPFW5mSE31Rl-L9gskKog7CbXo
Fig.1------ Wigwam

They did not wear shirts until winter and they wore moccasins and earrings. There main way of transport was using canoes.

Pequot religion is full of mythology and folklore. There religion though, is a lot like Christianity or Judaism. The believed that there was a creator named Conchi Manto. They also believed in a Spirit name Chahnmeed. He was a liar and a cheater. Neither were male or female. There was also a story about a giant named Moshup. He carried most of Pequot culture, disrespecting him was very dangerous. Religion was not extremely important in the Pequot’s culture it was mainly used for story telling.

The Pequot war was extremely important and is a large part in American history. It did not start till 1636 but, it was starting up earlier. It was first started when a fur trader was killed by a different tribe, but the Pequot were blamed for it. The Massachusetts Bay Company thought it could be used as a way to get a political advantage. Once another fur trader was killed the war started. They went immediately for the Pequots crops. There crops were important for food and they were holy. Obviously the Pequot were very aggravated and went straight for their forts. The Pequots got small pox and by 1638 70% of their tribe was dead. They were eventually defeated and in later year they became allies with the Massachusetts Bay Company. See fig 2external image fTv9N5GzAkfTuMJULoVQWRGQTMiC7mGvz2K6tuCzt_431OoxOc_PnuZ-wPkVRyzpalJjBmfN6KZPYj66Q9z1xgEgCPYUuWoOqBV7s3orLXeAOEzgydU
A famous painting

The Pequot people inhabited a lot of New England mostly Connecticut and Long Island. The were split into two parts the Eastern and Mashantucket. It was hard keeping the two together but the Pequot where very organized. Mashantucket is located in south-east Connecticut it had lots of woods and lots of wildlife. The eastern tribe was located in Long Island. The two tribes did not come together much.
external image ESpNscSY-oyhCo-9_OYckQlO8rJzpK4a4HLVg2RNq_WET5Nm_N2KeROpcoDICiUg394itWbfxN5yjDJxGZXyJEaqAdnZ5bZh8OsGbXeo9TJbCrnw5nAexternal image LkvJR0atwMx0H0HZFwWzcl_L72K0KcUp5PBOahDo0hCfjS1j-U61FMaep0CAsGTuXF22rkdmZPZwqbjKK2iOZZQOZNoUATEQfM60BIZRmtWFzIo_O9c

Finally Political organization was extremely difficult because there was one chief but two different tribes to handle. The chief had to be very smart and had to know the land well. Sassacus was the last chief of the Pequot tribe. His father was known as the most successful chief. Sassacus was the chief when the Pequot war started. He was killed during the war. There are still chiefs today but they don’t do much.

The Pequot had a very strong tribe and it was very unfortunate that they were blamed for something that they did not do. The Pequot lead to the progress of the Atlantic world because the when the Pequot where wiped out the fur traders could move on. Also, the small group of Pequots left helped The Massachusetts Bay Company expand because they knew the land so well.

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