The Pequot were a hostile tribe that came out of Connecticut.
I will be focusing my paragraphs on three main topics: area inhabited
and ruled, every day life and social and political organization.

The Pequot lived in east Connecticut and rode Island.
Villages were located on the top of hills near a body of water in summer.
They relocated to the forest in the winter. The small homes were
15ft and held two families. Large homes were 100ft by 30ftand housed
50 people and had multiple fires. The houses were made of bark or woven mats
The Pequat people inhabited villages made of at least several houses.

The jobs of the day would differ if you were a man or a woman.
Men would hunt, mainly deer, but also some birds like turkey, quail,
geese, and pigeon. Men also grew tobacco. Women grew squash and
corn. Men and women had specific task depending on their sex.

The Pequot people had a simple governing system. The villages were led by
Sagamores (chiefs) who kept power through using good judgment and being kind.
There was also a council of men who made all important decisions. At the very
top of the government there was a Grand Sachem who led the tribe in pre war
times. While it was a basic system, it had defined levels.