The Pequot By: Yoana B. Ivanova

The Pequot tribe was a powerful and respected tribe that fell to England in the Pequot war. The Pequots were a much feared tribe; they were called the “destroyers”. Their lifestyle says a lot about how they interacted with other tribes and of where they lived or how wealthy they are.
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The Pequot are an Indian tribe who lived in eastern Connecticut and northeastern Rhode Island in the 17th century. The Pequot tribe was one of the deadliest and most powerful tribes in the Atlantic World. The Pequot tribe spoke an eastern Algonquin language. They were so feared that they were sometimes called the “destroyers”. They were one of the most dreaded tribes of the southern New England tribes. This information is important because it says how powerful the Pequots were. The Pequots were called the “destroyers” and they were one of the most dreaded tribes of southern New England, so that means that they must have been very powerful and feared of by other tribes. It is also important to know what language they speak so that you know who they allied with. For example if a tribe speaks French, it probably is an ally with France.


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In 1637, the Pequots fought a war against the English that changed the Pequot’s lives forever. Even though the war started in 1636, it really began two years earlier when English trader John Stone was killed because of his kidnapping and abusive treatment to the tribe. The Pequots were then to blame, even though those responsible for John’s death were later proved to be the neighboring Niantics. The English won the war. Four decades later, the Pequot allied with the English. This information is important because it is a very important and memorable time in the Atlantic World. It is memorable because one of the most dreaded tribes of eastern New England was defeated in the Pequot war. And it is strange how four decades later the Pequot allied with England. It is also significant to know why the war started so you know what every side is fighting for.


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The Pequot tribe interacted most with the English which is important because then you can understand why the war started. The Pequots interacted mostly with the English because of the Pequot war against the English and the Pequot. During the Mystic River Massacre lots of Pequots were killed. They fought against the English and the Narragansett Indians. Most of the Pequots, including Sassacus their leader, were killed during the Mystic River Massacre. This information is important because it is important to know who the tribe interacted with the most so that you know maybe what language they speak or, as in the Pequot War, what war has happened between them. It is significant to also know what events helped lead up to the war, like the Mystic River Massacre.

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The religions that the Pequot practiced were a lot like what other people and tribes believed in. The Pequot believed in one supreme god and other minor gods. When a man died, he was buried with his weapons. Also, when someone died, the house they lived in was abandoned. It is important to know what religions or practices a tribe believes in so that you can understand the decisions they make more clearly. For example, if the Pequots declare war it could be because of something to do with their religion. Also it is important to know what ceremonies or other things that they do when someone dies so that you can understand what they did.

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The lifestyle of the Pequots was a diverse and different lifestyle than those of other tribes. Women grew corn, beans, and squash and men grew tobacco. The people also gathered shellfish along the coast in the summer and sometimes they also ate an occasional beached whale. The Pequots lived in houses called wigwams. Wigwams are different from tepees. Wigwams are small and round. The Pequot Indians used buckskin to build the wigwams. It is important to know the lifestyles of the Pequot so that you can get an idea of how rich or poor they were, and maybe where they lived. For example, by knowing that they eat shellfish and beached whales, you can tell that they probably live near the ocean. And by seeing how big their houses are, you can tell if they usually have big families.

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