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Teddy Schmid

Portugal in the Atlantic world


Portugal made a big impact in the Atlantic World. They owned a lot of land and were very powerful.

Areas Inhabited

Portugal inhabited many places in the Atlantic World and beyond. They inhabited present day Portugal, in Western Europe near Spain. They also occupied present day Morocco in Africa, and some of present day Brazil. They settled in coastal Africa, and they had trade routes to China and Japan.

Places traveled too
They traveled to Brazil and South America for gold and silver, and they also had
trade routes with Asian empires and countries including China and Japan. After Napoleon invaded Portugal, many settlers left Portugal to build colonies in South America. They also settled and traveled to Africa for the slave trade and gold. They were one of the first European countries to go to the western world. Brazil’s people still speak Portuguese, because the Portuguese settlers claimed Brazil.

Portugal had advanced architecture when they were in the age of the Atlantic World. Their architecture looked a little like England’s, because they both had huge structures and advanced buildings for their time. TS JB

The Portuguese caught lots of fish and food to add to their diet. They also traded with other empires to get different food. Their diet included sperm, pilot whale, and fish .shrimp, rice, and other garden veggies were also normally in the diet of the Portuguese. TS JB

Why they left there home county

Some reasons that the Portuguese people left their home country is that Napoleon invaded Portugal. That forced people to leave. Portugal also wanted more land to help its empire grow. They also wanted gold. They sent explorers to go to far off lands.They also traveled for sugar which can be grown in the Caribbean, and molasses from South America. Because of this, they sent people to these places to produce these resources. Mostly, they traveled for power and greed. Portugal wanted to try to take over the world and have the most power.

Social and Political Organization

Portugal was a very wealthy country during the Atlantic World. Portugal had a monarchy. Their kings and queens were good and bad, like England’s kings and queens. Officially, Portugal was founded in 1415 when they invaded Northern Africa, but they wanted to have their own country long before that. Portugal had claimed some small islands in the Carribean after the Western World had been discovered. In 1500, Portugal had discovered Brazil, and had claimed it for Portugal. Brazil still speaks Portuguese to this day. In Portugal’s prime, they had 2 million people in it. The empire went downhill after Britain, France, and Netherlands all attacked them between 1580 and 1640, but the country still had some power after that.


The Portuguese were a very powerful country during the time of the Atlantic World. They made a huge impact in the Western World. Portugal would have been a good country to live in during the Atlantic World if you were a wealthy person.


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