1. Area inhabited/ruled [if members of your group emigrated, immigrated, or established settlement (colonies) outside of their home country you should include an explanation of that travel or settlement in this section; include places traveled and reasons for leaving home country]
  2. Religion
  3. Arts/Technology/Developed Culture


The Portuguese are known for their ports. They use these ports for traveling all over this helped the Portuguese expand their empire and explore. Another reason why Portugal is very good at exploring is because at the time Portugal had many trade routes with many countries, because of this Portugal increased in power, political power, and culture 800px-Portugal_Império_total.png. The Portuguese explored during a time called the Age of Discovery. This time period was when many empires started exploring.This allowed the Portuguese to explore and expand without any finical problems. You can see all of the colonies the Portuguese made all over the world. But at the end of the 1500s the Portuguese finical and economic progress started to decline. And colonies stared to get over run by other countries. Portugal lost a lot of money because the Dutch, French, and English started focusing in trading of spice and slaves. This is a major part of why Portugal’s population started to decline. The terrain in Portugal was mostly dense forest like areas and a dry parched areas where there is little to no water. Having pry patch of land has some ups and downs it can keep out outsiders but it’s a pain to cross and a pain to build on.
The religion of the Portuguese is mostly Catholic. About 84% are Catholic. In Portugal religion was not that important like today. In Portugal people didn’t have to have a religion to believe in. I don’t believe this is right that you shouldn’t care about religion. Religion is a cruel fact in every empires history.

There was a lot of growth in this region because of the vast reach of other countries and their ideas and inventions. During the period called the age of discovery, were new lands were found and ideas. New inventions like the something called a caravel. A caravel is a small boat that was one of the fastest in the time.