1. Area inhabited/ruled [if members of your group emigrated, immigrated, or established settlement (colonies) outside of their home country you should include an explanation of that travel or settlement in this section; include places traveled and reasons for leaving home country]
  2. Everyday Life
  3. Social and Political 04m.jpg

Dylan Giacin
Mr. Duvall
The Spanish Rulers
The Spanish government, everyday life, and where they ruled. These are the topics that I am going to be working on. . It is important because it has so many aspects of Spain. My first paragraph is going to be about the everyday life. My second paragraph is about where the Spanish ruled. My last paragraph is about the Spanish's social and political organization.

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The everyday life of the Spanish is a very hard working day. The first thing that happens is that the person would be out looking for gold. They would be looking for gold because they wanted to be the most powerful people in the world. The next thing they would do would be to find allies. They wanted to find allies so that the Spanish could never be out manned. The last thing the Spanish would do is to go back home with the gold and the allies, or to have a battle over land and power.
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The Spanish ruled in very different areas. They ruled in Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. They lived here for gold and many other things. Such as making new trade and finding new allies. They wanted gold so they could be the most powerful people in the world. They also wanted new trade because the people there had different materials than the Spanish did. When the Spanish moved here they wondered if they were going to have rights here.
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The social and political organization in Spain is very similar to the one in the U.S. For example, we both have presidents here in the U.S. and Spain. Also we have the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. They have the organization this way so it could be a fair and organized country. That is the Spanish’s political and social organization. These paragraphs cover everything about where the Spanish ruled, what there everyday life ways, and their social and political organization.
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Austin Gordon

The Spanish were a very important part of the Atlantic world because they ruled a lot of area, they were very organized, and they were in the trade business will gold and other important items. In Spain and Mexico there are large mountains and wide beaches. The first paragraph is about the geography and the area the Spanish inhabit or owned. The second paragraph is about the everyday life and what the common Spanish person’s goals were. The last paragraph will cover how the Spanish were organized and what where the techniques they used to survive.
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The Spanish ruled a lot of land. Their most popular or where some of their largest cities were are in Spain and Mexico. Mexico was discovered in 1519, no one really knows when Spain was discovered though. The land where the Spanish ruled had a lot of mountains with large beaches and with large forest or jungles. This geography was important because it gave the resources they needed to survive.
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The everyday life of the Spanish was interesting because most of the Spanish were looking for gold to trade and for land to own and discover. The reason the Spanish wanted gold was because they wanted to trade it and in the process become rich. The main foods the Spanish ate were corn and meat. Their everyday life was very important because probably without it they would die.
Spanish people were usually very organized and they traded a lot. The Enconimienda system was the cause of the Spanish’s organization. The Enconimienda system is based off of social structure and sometimes it would give the richer Spanish people or the people that are higher up in the social structure more leeway. This was mainly used in the 1500-1600’s. Spanish people traded jewels, fine silk, perfumes, and spices from the fareast because they thought it promised them great wealth.