Kaleigh Riggs and Kayla Martin
Duvall 7-G3 10-3-11

Spain was a very important part in finding America, conquering parts of the new world and spreading Christianity. Spain was a very important part in the Atlantic World because they were one of the most important countries in finding the New World. They organized a trip to find Asia, but instead ended up in the West Indies. They thought that they were close to Asia, but instead, they had found the New World. They were the first Europeans to go to the Americas. Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro were both important conquistadors that overthrew ancient empires and confiscated all of their wealth and sent it home to the Spanish crown's treasury. Another important name to remember was Ferdinand Magellan. King Charles I sent him to find a route to western India. Instead of finding the route, he was the first to sail all the way around the world. Eusebio Kino was a famous Jesuit that came in 1681 and worked to bring Catholicism to New Spain (The Americas). A famous explorer in these times was a man with the name of Christopher Columbus. He was ordered to sail west from Portugal (financed by Queen Isabella) to find a route to China so that Spain could trade. But instead, he found a route to the West Indies. He thought he was in the East Indies, so he thought he was close to China. Only he didn't know that he had just found the New World of the Americas. These were some names to remember that were from Spain and helped find the Americas.

The Spanish didn’t just go to the Americas; they had an original plan that included no Americas in the pit stops. The original plan was heading to sea to find a new trade route to Asia that no one else had ever seen before. Christopher Columbus (captain of the ships) ended up in the West Indies, but thought it was the East Indies. He knew he was close (he really wasn't). He ended up in a place that we call the Americas. It is important because they had a process to get to America and they didn’t go there to conquer it at first, they went to it to find a trade route to Asia. They instead landed in the West Indies, so that’s how they found America, by going back to the West Indies on their second voyage. Spain's motto was "Gold, God, and Glory." If you break apart this concept, you find out that it is three parts that Spain always lived by. Gold=money which Spain could never get enough of, or goods such as jewels, fine silks, perfumes, and spice from the Far East (Asia). The goal was to get more gold and money than Asia so they could make allies and conquer new lands. God= Christianity which Spain was always promoting. And Glory= Conquering/domination. Once you figure out everything that Spain ever did, it was done inside the margins of that motto.

One of Spain’s reasons for coming to the Americas was to spread their main religion, Christianity. Spain tried to convert native people to Christians. They used chaplains and people called missionaries to convert the indigenous people to Christians. Missionaries were people who made the natives Christians. They would use the mission system of labor, imprisonment, and physical punishment for failing to live accordingly to Catholic and Spanish standards. Individual missionaries would destroy the kivas (sacred rooms for religion) of the Pueblo people, so they started a revolt against Spain and drove them out of the land. When Spain returned 12 years later, their missionaries were less powerful and repressive. Another point having to do with religion is the Protestant England versus the Catholic Spain. When the Europeans arrived, they started religious rivalries. The people who came to America were sent for political and religious reasons, so they had to stand their ground when it came to the rivalries. Spain encountered a lot when it came to religion, but it was all worth it because Spain is still here on this planet today.

Spain’s everyday life was a lot more different then our present day life. Spain was founded to be an agricultural estate. This means that they had farmers everywhere. Spain had lots of natural resources such as wheat, the right items to make olive oil, and wine for the Roman Empire. The climate and natural resources were perfect for these creating these products. Also, the marriage between King Ferninand V of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile unified the two most powerful kingdoms in the Kingdom of Spain. In 1492, they made a quest to shoo all of the Moors and Jews out of the kingdom for racial and purity. Spain wanted only Christians in its kingdom. They banned Jews and Moors so that they wouldn’t believe in that religion any more. Then they would become Christians. Spain had a very average everyday life form in its kingdom.

Spain was a very important part in finding America, conquering parts of the new world and spreading Christianity. Don’t you agree that Spain was a very important role in all of these? Spain had many different ways of getting what they wanted, but in the end, they got it. Spain was so very crucial in the Atlantic World, because without them, it would have taken a long time to find the Americas, if they even would have found them by now because without Spain, the Americas wouldn’t have blossomed and have become this diverse, technological society that it is now.

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Spain was a very critical part of Europe because Spain brought arts, culture, technology, and social and political organization. In Spain social and political organization is very important. It is essential to have someone in power pointing and leading people in a certain direction. Arts and culture are significant because it gave Spain’s people a way to express themselves.
Spain was socially and politically organized so it would be more civilized. Spain’s rulers made sure that Spain’s people were organized were apart of society. Spain’s rulers ruled for many years and then after they passed the person next in line would take over. The people of Spain had the utmost respect for their rulers. Others who didn’t have respect we often .
Arts and culture in Spain were creative ways to show their expressions. In the picture above it show a necklace made in the 1400-1650's. The art in Spain was usually a self-portrait or natural. Most artists worked for the royalty and painted only for them. There were many famous places in Europe especially in Spain to photograph or to paint. One of the most famous paintings in Spain is of an old man.

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